Frauds and scams

VINCI Construction Grands Projets has been informed that frauds and scams have been attempted, in France and worldwide, particularly involving the misuse of its identity and even the identity of one of its employees.

The fraudsters send e-mails to suppliers and/or service providers requesting the opening of customer accounts or containing orders, using forged addresses such as« »,« » or « ».

The e-mails may be signed by persons who actually hold positions within the Group (with the name, address and company registration number of Eurovia or one of its subsidiaries), and may be accompanied by VINCI Construction Grands Projets legal documents.

These are attempted frauds: VINCI Construction Grands Projets only references its suppliers in the context of strict and rigorous procedures, and do not canvass them.

If you are the victim of such actions or of any other suspicious behavior, you are advised to inform us immediately using the dedicated e-mail address: and to report the matter to the competent authorities.

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