Santiago Airport project awarded a 2017 BIM d’Or

For the second year in a row, we have won a prize for a project in the "International category".

The project to renovate the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in London was awarded a 2016 BIM d’Or (see news); the judges’ panel for the 2017 edition has again rewarded us in the “International category.” Consequently, the project to expand Santiago Airport in Chile has been recognised as an initiative that fosters the active deployment of BIM. In fact, the use of BIM as early as the project study phase allowed VINCI Construction Grands Projets to validate design decisions with the client quickly and efficiently in the lead-up to the construction phase.

The use of this modelling resource enabled us to take multiple factors into account and find solutions for challenges, including managing the flow of passengers between the domestic and international zones, optimising the placement of shops, and streamlining airport safety requirements. Yet another issue was to ensure full interoperability between the building information models that were part of project delivery and the operational solution selected by the concession-holder.

Implementation of BIM at the start of the project study phase enabled us to deploy innovative collaborative processes for design development and consolidation, work planning and scheduling (with 3D phasing), and quantified budget-monitoring. Currently, new functionalities, such as the application of on-site controls with data capture and the monitoring of corrective action are being deployed for the construction phase. You can view the complete of 2017 winners (in French) here.

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