BIM, Building Information Modeling

The VINCI Construction Grands Projets engineering department has a team dedicated to BIM. Our expertise and achievements in BIM enable us to offer innovative tools for projects.

What is BIM?

Santiago airport (Chile)

Building Information Modelling involves creating a digital model, which is developed in the launch phase of the project and used by everyone working on the project.

BIM is associated with a database and uses a collaborative platform that allows all project participants to access project data using their own tools and software. BIM technology allows knowledge and information sharing on a construction project to form a reliable basis for decision-making during its life cycle.

So, BIM is the only source of information used by all project participants.

Why adopt a BIM approach?

Closely follow the project in all phases

With BIM, a project can be followed closely beyond the design and planning stages. It optimises cost management, construction, project management and the operational phase.

BIM allows the proposed construction to be visualised (3D modelling) and creates various simulations (thermal, lighting, energy consumption, construction phases…) quickly to facilitate and accelerate the fine-tuning of the project and its validation by the concerned parties.
Virtual simulation also allows variants to be studied quickly and economically and define optimised solutions.

Offers many benefits to optimise our projects

BIM enables:

  • Building before building through a virtual simulation of the structure (architecture, structure, MEP) and the various stages of its construction
  • Operating and maintaining before building, through simulation of the structure’s use and maintenance operations

The advantages of BIM have been proven in all project phases:

  • Better project acceptability
  • Better risk control in project design, construction, operation and maintenance
  • Better quality of the delivery and services to the client
  • Better construction planning
  • Cost reduction (design, construction, operation-maintenance and deconstruction)
BIM uses:


BIM in our projects


CNIT Eole station (La Défense)


Phnom Penh airport (Cambodia)

Among our references:

For more information, please download the VINCI Construction Grands Projets BIM Book and the BIM at VINCI brochure.


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