For all types of contracts (including design-and-build, value-engineering, Early Contractor Involvement, financial package, and partnership agreements), VINCI Construction Grands Projets provides clients with turnkey or custom project solutions.

Innovative and customised engineering solutions for projects

Jesselton towers (Kota Kinabalu)

Through our multiple achievements, we have demonstrated our expertise and technical know-how in the field of building design and construction. In addition, thanks to our active involvement in research and development, we develop constructive engineer solutions that satisfy architects’ creative expectations as well as regulatory requirements.

We are expert in the field of structures, including multiple specialities such as the resistance of construction materials, concrete, steel frameworks, wooden structures, earthquake-resistant structures, geotechnics, thermal techniques, acoustical techniques, and eco-friendly design.

We are on the leading edge of innovation with respect to tools and methods, as evidenced by our BIM approach, which is designed to optimise building design, construction, and operation while minimising risk. To date, BIM has been applied to projects such as the Fondation Louis Vuitton building in Paris, Odeon Tower in Monaco, King’s Harbour Resort in Sihanoukville, Joukvka villas, and Silver Forest in Moscow, Russia. As a subsidiary of VINCI, we benefit from the Group’s general business know-how and engineering expertise and resources. By leveraging VINCI’s internal synergies, we provide a full range of competitive services. We build major structures for wide-ranging uses all over the world:

We build major structures for wide-ranging uses all over the world:


Skyscrapers, which are a style showcase for architects, represent major challenges for builders with regard to methodologies, work scheduling and sequencing, comprehensive work planning, and management of all work teams.


We build large and complex structures for the tertiary sector that meet key requirements, including security and controlled access, communications networks, energy-consumption standards, environmental certifications. Our know-how in the management of integration systems and building-management systems allows us to put forward comprehensive solutions. In addition, our structures meet the most stringent energy and environmental requirements.

Stade de France

Stade de France (France)


We leverage our knowledge of local settings and the hospitality industry to find attractive property and investment opportunities in association with leading architects and key industry players. The resulting projects, which always meet design and comfort standards, are generally carried out under design-and-build contracts.


Our stadiums are modular and multifunctional structures that meet the needs of new-generation sports facilities, which are designed and built as effective and safe engineering structures. These venues can accommodate any type of event, including concerts, performances, corporate events, and more.
Modern stadiums, which may be built as part of a public-private partnership, are prestigious structures that drive economic activity in their community.


As a showcase for art, modern museums are works of art in their own right that compel builders to innovate in order to fulfil architects’ creative vision. The same approach, which prioritises appreciation and respect, is needed in projects designed to restore heritage structures. We have the extensive skills and experience as well as the innovative techniques and solutions, such as BIM, to achieve success on all design-and-build projects.


Thanks to numerous successful projects in the high-value-add sector, we have demonstrated our capacity to address our clients’ challenges and constraints right at the start of the project, including marketing issues, site selection, design, and on-time performance and delivery.


Santiago airport (Chile)


We export French medical management expertise around the world through our design-and-build offer. We build partnerships with physicians, surgeons, and specialised architects and prioritise functionality and cost-effectiveness to optimise project results. We deliver projects on budget and on time. At the very earliest stage in the feasibility study phase, we work closely with VINCI Energies and local companies to assess and resolve problems inherent to the development of complex hospital centres.


In this sector of activity spurred by increasing air travel, we work closely and support the development of VINCI Airports, a subsidiary of VINCI Concessions. Together, we design and scale all equipment supply and installation as well as renovation and expansion projects. Our full-service offer, which may include financing, is accessible to all clients seeking to build new airport structures.

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