City Rail Link

The Link Alliance consortium, leaded by VINCI Construction Grands Projets, is in charge of carrying out three lots on this project. Lot 3 covers the design and construction of a 3.45 km extension of a railway line, including 3.2 km of tunnel, to connect the existing stations of Britomart and Mount Eden. On the route, 3 new stations will be built, including 2 underground. Lot 5 concerns the construction of two civil engineering structures and a new 2 km lane, while maintaining traffic on the North Auckland Line. Lot 7 includes the installation of electrical systems, catenaries, signaling and control system for the entire City Rail Link.


As New Zealand’s largest and fastest-growing city, Auckland has substantial infrastructure needs, especially in terms of its public transport and rail network.
The purpose of the City Rail Link programme is to join up with the existing network, which links the suburbs to the city centre, by building 4km of additional track between Britomart (the current terminus) and Mount Eden. This will increase network capacity to 24 trains per hour.

Technical overview

Lot 3 consists of the construction of 3.45 km of underground lanes: 3.2 km will be dug with an earth pressure tunnel boring machine 7.18 m in diameter.
The lot also includes the creation of 3 new stations (Aotea, Karangahape and Mount Eden), including 2 underground, to better serve the heart of the city. Our contract also covers the MEP, escalators and elevators, electrical distribution networks, tunnel ventilation systems, fire-fighting systems, architectural packages for stations, tunnel benches and the laying of rails.
Under lot 5, two engineering structures and a new 2 km lane will be built, while maintaining traffic on the North Auckland Line.
Finally, lot 7 includes the installation of electrical systems, overhead lines, signaling and control system for the entire City Rail Link.
The size of this infrastructure project, exceptional in New Zealand, and the fact that it brings together many trades (underground work, construction, electromechanics, rail systems, etc.) represent a first challenge. In addition, since the route is located in the middle of the city of Auckland, traffic must be diverted and the site is operating near many buildings.

“Intended to better serve Auckland city centre and improve mobility for local residents, this is the largest design-build infrastructure project ever carried out in New Zealand,” says Pierre Bourgeois, civil works director for Asia and Oceania


The City Rail Link project will double the number of people able to travel to Auckland city centre in less than 30 minutes. The new train line is designed to accommodate 54,000 passengers per hour at peak times, equivalent to the capacity offered by two dual 4-lane motorways.
The scheme illustrates VINCI Construction’s ability to support major cities in delivering their urban mobility and public transport projects, as it has done in France, Hong Kong, Singapore and Doha, as well as in Virginia, US, and Ottawa, Canada, where it recently won a design-build contract for an LRT system.

Project participants

City Rail Link Limited

Key figures

Execution dates :
July 2019 to May 2024

3.45 km of railway line extension including
3.2 km of tunnel

New 2 km lane

3 new stations

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