Line 15 south – Fort d’Issy-Vanves-Clamart to Villejuif Louis Aragon (Grand Paris Express)

The contract concerns the civil engineering aspects for a section of the future line 15 south of the Grand Paris Express connecting Fort d’Issy-Vanves-Clamart to Villejuif Louis Aragon and includes the creation of 8 km of tunnels as well as the construction of 8 shafts and 5 new stations. Dug using traditional tunnelling techniques, this project required significant human and logistical resources due to the complexity of the construction site’s terrain. In February 2017, the construction project for this T3C section was awarded to the CAP group headed by VINCI Construction.


The Grand Paris Express is currently the largest infrastructure project in Europe and will allow for the expansion and improvement of the rail network in Île-de-France with the creation of 68 stations and 4 new lines, including line 15 south. Due to the dense urban environment and the presence of numerous geographical obstacles, the construction sites for the Grand Paris Express require significant logistical resources and will benefit from VINCI’s experience in the field of underground construction.


The construction of the 8 km tunnel required preparatory work involving the consolidation of the terrain and the filling of numerous quarries near the construction site. Two earth-pressure tunnel boring machines of almost 10 m in diameter then operated simultaneously at a depth of 30 to 40 m. In all, this construction project required the removal of 3.2 million tonnes of debris and the use of more than 470,000 m3 of concrete.
The civil engineering part involves the creation of 5 new stations and 8 ancillary structures with diameters of 7 to 11 m, and with depths of between 40 and 50 m. One of the key aspects of this T3C section is the construction of the Villejuif Gustave Roussy station, connecting line 15 South and line 14 South, with a diameter of 63 m and a depth of 50 m. In addition to its size, this station also stands out for its novel architecture, designed by Dominique Perrault.

“The Grand Paris Express is a strategic project for the future and for the economic development of the Île-de-France region. It will make it possible to create jobs, to open up different areas and to free up energy and potential. This ambitious project will benefit from the Group’s expertise for the next 20 years. This is a fantastic technical endeavour but also a real human challenge”. Xavier Huillard, CEO of VINCI


This project also features a number of innovative social aspects. In addition to involving 1,000 staff at peak, the construction project accounted for more than 350,000 hours’ work on a professional integration basis, particularly thanks to the ViE organisation (VINCI Insertion Emploi – VINCI Integration through Employment). Via the “Chantiers et Territoires Solidaires” endowment fund, the construction project has supported numerous local associations and their social activities for young people and those often excluded from the workforce living near the construction site.
With an investment of around 35 billion euros and with construction work set to continue until 2030, the Grand Paris Express will have a considerable impact on the economic and social dynamism of the whole Île-de-France region. This new 100% automatic and connected Metro system will carry 2 million passengers a day and considerably reduce travel times, which are currently adversely affecting employment and the quality of life of Île-de-France’s inhabitants.

Project participants

Société des grands projets

Project management:
Setec TPI and Ingérop

Key figures

Implementation dates:
February 2017 to September 2023

Tunnel length:
8,2 km

Quantity of spoil:
3,2 million tonnes

Quantity of concrete: 
470 000 m3

Ligne Ferroviaire Lyon-Turin, Lot 2