Protecting our environment

The implementation of an environmental initiative is a requirement of the ISO 14001: 2004 standard, a certification that VINCI Construction Grands Projets has earned. Each construction site builds its environmental action plan by defining project objectives and targets while integrating the client’s demands. The regulated management of wastes, wastewater quality, and the control of greenhouse gas emissions are among the main areas of our environmental action.

VINCI Construction Grands Projets is committed to protecting each construction site’s environment by:

  • protecting nature, fauna and flora by identifying and limiting the significant impact of the activity right from the design phase
  • actively preventing pollution
  • enhancing the comfort of residents near construction sites by limiting nuisances caused by construction work
  • communicating more effectively with concerned parties (local residents, the public, administrative authorities)
  • raising the awareness of and training all Company staff in the implementation of our environmental initiative
  • integrating subcontractors and suppliers into this initiative
  • sharing innovations and best practices with a view to constantly improving environmental protection
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CO2CRETE IMPACT™ and GEStim: tools developed internally

Concrete ImpactVINCI Construction Grands Projets developed the CO2CRETE IMPACT™ tool to quantify greenhouse gas emissions in the concrete-production process. This is also a design tool to compare technical variants of concrete to reduce its impact while optimising cost-effectiveness.

gestim copie HDGEStim™ is a tool developed internally to calculate overall greenhouse gas emissions generated by a major construction project starting from the call-for-tenders phase. These tools are compliant with the carbon footprint assessment method used by ADEME (France’s environment and energy-management agency).

Raising awareness among employees:

Our environmental training is designed for project managers, enabling them to respond adequately to contractual, legal, and regulatory obligations in accordance with VINCI Construction Grands Projets policy.
It helps them understand the reasons for taking the environment into consideration on major projects internationally, learn to manage the environment on major projects by following best practices from projects in progress, and use their skills to integrate the environment into the call for tenders as well as project design.

Sustainable initiatives for our major projects:

Our various construction sites across the world have implemented environmental actions, such as:

  • At the French embassy in Jakarta, local purchases are preferred over imports, which indirectly limits greenhouse gas emissions by reducing transport.
  • On the Hong Kong metro, the reduction of the drill & blast technique in sections of the tunnel passages have led to a reduction in the quantity of rubble excavated and lower energy and water consumption to clean trucks, which in turn lowers costs and greenhouse gas emissions.
  • On the Crossrail C510 in England and on the Hong Kong metro, ultra-low sulphur diesel is used.
  • On the Red Line South metro in Qatar, a life-cycle assessment of concrete was performed. In addition, in the construction site plan, the concrete-production plant was installed nearby to reduce the distance travelled.
  • On the Sheraton Park project in Qatar, a power plant equipped with five generators was installed to generate just the electricity needed on the construction site. As the project is located on the seashore, a desalination plant was installed to prevent the repeated delivery of water by tanker.

Initiatives have also been taken for professional transport, with a “green route” plan that promotes carpooling and cycling and provides a methodology for assessing the resulting reduction in CO2 emissions. For instance, in Qatar, the vehicle fleet used is chosen based on fuel consumption. In Egypt and Qatar, awareness has been raised specifically for environmentally responsible driving and careful car maintenance.

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