Our social engagement

We want to leave more than just a structure in the locations where we are active

Workplace diversity and equal opportunity

With more than 4,329 employees worldwide, VINCI Construction Grands Projets is keen on promoting diversity and equal opportunity within the Company.

By studying social issues that cause discrimination within the Company, we make a commitment to finding the best ways to promote the integration and employment of workers with disabilities and foster gender equality in the workplace.

  • Ensure the employment of people with disabilities:allocation of €1,500 in CESU (caregiver allowance) cheques for employees with disabilities, consideration of employees’ disabilities to improve their working conditions (ergonomics, workplace doctor), using Trajeo’h (VINCI Group initiative) for employees with disabilities who need retraining as soon as possible or referral to subcontractors for archiving, classification, and related work.
  • Develop the social mix by favouring female candidates with equal qualifications in the construction and technical subsidiaries (employment contract, work experience, International Business Volunteer Program), increasing the presence of women from these subsidiaries in trade fairs and forums, ensuring that female student ambassadors know about our technical jobs, guaranteeing men and women the same annual maintenance benefits, ensuring an identical promotion rate for men and women each year, and eliminating gender pay gaps (for 2021, the gender equality index is 87 on 100).
  • Offer job prospects whatever the age: supporting a second career for employees aged over 50, optional part-time work for employees over 60 working in France, an additional return ticket per year to encourage additional rotation for employees abroad over 60, knowledge transfer and experience-sharing by seniors, and the option of becoming a trainer on an occasional to transfer one’s knowledge.

Cultural diversity



The Multicultural manager training program raises awareness among managers with the objectives of: promoting intercultural management, boosting effectiveness and performance with diverse teams, being more effective in multicultural project management, staying abreast of legislation and the risks of different forms of discrimination, anticipating and integrating the expectations of employees and clients of all ages.

VINCI Mobility, a subsidiary of VINCI Construction, allows employees with different backgrounds to be integrated into our staff. This structure for the recruitment, management, and mobility of our international managers, founded in July 2013 on the initiative of VINCI, VINCI Construction, and the three founding entities (VINCI Construction Grands Projets, Sogea Satom and Entrepose), reflects our will to foster loyalty among our employees around the world and offer them a balance in terms of social protection and wage policy in line with the Group’s commitment to diversity and equal opportunity.

Citizen engagement

Training for everyone:

For most of its projects, VINCI Construction Grands Projets recruits supervisory staff and labour locally to carry out the work.
The Company develops specific training programs for unskilled or specialised staff such as (A)live on site as well as external training programs for high-risk positions such as crane operator and electrician.



Likewise, Skill Up is a training initiative to develop the knowledge and skills of executive and supervisory staff worldwide through the creation of a customised training centre at the core of our projects. Our senior employees who have worked abroad visit the construction site and share best practices with the materials used daily by workers. The benefits are immediate: improvement in safety, quality of execution and performance on the construction site, development of the employability of locally recruited staff, and stronger team spirit and loyalty among workers.


Sponsorship and the VINCI Foundation:

VINCI Construction Grands Projets supports the involvement of partners and companies in sponsorship activities for the benefit of local communities and locations where we are active:

  • The project for the installation of the Vung Tau wastewater network located in Southern Vietnam: participation in a program to aid reforestation and support actions against global warming, tree-planting campaign in collaboration with the environment ministry, support for the Oxfam NGO on environmental projects, lectures to present project benefits to the local population
  • The new Assiut Dam: assistance in archaeological research to support the CNRS’s French mission in Egypt The Atlantic Bridge in Panama: the recruitment of staff from the Colón region is favoured, particularly through participation in recruitment forums; a partnership with the Panamanian and French ministries of education to improve the technical education level in Panama is being developed. The project has repaired and maintains roads close to our quarry and construction site, which are used by residents.
  • The El Teniente Tunnel in Chile: creation of a partnership with Rancagua University for skill-development through the Skill Up construction site schools. The project developed a dedicated web site, in particular to encourage local employment, as well as a monthly newsletter.
  • The Lee Tunnel in London: meetings in schools were organised to present the appeal of jobs in the construction sector. Throughout the year, the project organised visits to universities, institutions, and professional associations.
  • The SCL 1103 Hong Kong metro: organisation of a race for the victims of the Haiyan typhoon in the Philippines. The project publishes a fortnightly newsletter in three languages (English, Chinese and Nepali).

Fondation VINCIThe VINCI Group founded the VINCI Foundation in May 2002 in order to be a sustainable partner in the communities for which the Group builds and manages structures and facilities.
Accordingly, it supports associations that innovate in the fields of integration through work and reinforcement of social ties in working-class neighbourhoods in France and countries where the Group is present. The Foundation also acts as a bridge between the skills of VINCI employees and the needs of practitioners in social organisations.
In 2019, the VINCI Foundation supported 477 projects for €5.6 million in aid allocated and 950 employees committed.
Find out more about the activities we support at fondation-vinci.com.

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