Our history

As part of a lineage of 100-year-old companies whose names are associated with impressive achievements worldwide, VINCI Construction Grands Projets possesses end-to-end expertise in the creation of complex infrastructure.

  • Since 2000

    VINCI Construction Grands Projets designs and builds major civil engineering structures and buildings worldwide.

    Our projects
  • 2000

    SGE becomes VINCI, and VINCI and Groupe GTM merge

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  • 1997

    Work on Stade de France is completed

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  • 1996

    Start of construction of the Charilaos Trikoupis bridge (Rion-Antirion)

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  • 1994

    Start of construction of the Tagus River bridge

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  • 1990

    Start of construction of the Normandy bridge

    Dumez merges with the Lyonnaise des Eaux then with GTM

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  • 1988

    SGE and Campenon Bernard merge

  • 1986

    Dumez launches renovation work at the Grand Louvre

    Dumez launches work on the Channel Tunnel (linking France and the UK)

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  • 1985

    GTM builds the Singapore subway

  • 1981

    A joint-venture lead by Campenon Bernard starts the construction of the line 1 of the Cairo metro

    Dumez builds the second launch pad for the Ariane rocket in Kourou, French Guiana

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  • 1978

    SGE completes the construction of Nice airport

  • 1973

    SGE completes the construction of terminal 1 Roissy Charles-de-Gaulle airport

  • 1966

    SGE and GTM take part in moving the Abu Simbel temple in Egypt

  • 1963

    Establishment of Compagnie de constructions internationales (CCI) regrouping SGE, Campenon Bernard and GTM, allowing these companies to join forces when bidding on large-scale international projects and enhance their chances of obtaining them

  • 1962

    First activities in the nuclear energy industry

  • 1953

    GTM leads the civil engineering mandate for the Assouan dam, a project in which SGE takes part

  • 1951

    SGE builds the first thin-arch dam with a steep downstream incline

  • 1926

    GTM builds dry docks at Toulon, a world record at the time

  • 1920

    Campenon Bernard is established

  • 1914

    Dumez focuses on reinforced concrete

  • 1911

    SGE is listed on stock exchange

  • 1903

    GTM is listed on stock exchange

  • 1899

    Société générale d’entreprises (SGE) is established

  • 1891

    Grands Travaux Publics de Marseille (GTM) is established

  • 1880

    Dumez is established