Gender diversity

With more than 6,000 employees worldwide, VINCI Construction Grands Projets is committed to promoting gender diversity and equality within its teams.


Gender diversity and equality are among the keys to our overall performance. They ensure the sustainability of our know-how and our innovative spirit.

Our commitment lies in a responsible approach, embodied by humanist values and a culture that promotes the individual success of our employees for the benefit of our projects. Listening, trusting and supporting each person in their career path are the foundations of sustainable performance.

A shared ambition, backed up by the creation in 2019 of the Grands projets au féminin Steering Committee. Made up of our male and female employees, and under the impetus of our executive committee, it defines and implements concrete actions to promote gender diversity in the long run: a unique approach at VINCI.

The approach is built around major lines of action, including
– Female employment in technical and construction jobs
– Equal pay
– Fairness in career development and access to training
– Work/life balance


It is also supported by coordinated initiatives in training and mentoring, awareness-raising, with 15 dedicated days planned in 2022, as well as communication campaigns, both within the company and across the board, involving the entities of VINCI Construction’s Major Projects Division.





For the year 2021, our gender equality index stands at 87 out of 100:
– Gender pay gap: 37 points out of 40,
– Difference in the rate of individual salary increases (excluding promotions) between women and men: 20 points out of 20,
– Difference in the distribution of promotions: 15 points out of 15,
– Percentage of employees who received a pay rise during maternity/adoption leave or following a return from maternity/adoption leave: 15 points out of 15,
– Number of women and men in the ten highest paid positions: 0 points out of 10