Equipment division


Reporting to the project director, equipment directors oversee the material resources required to implement projects. They recommend the most suitable materials in accordance with project needs, including work plans, timetables, regulations, and other considerations. They manage purchasing and hiring contracts and take part in defining worksite facilities in accordance with project methodologies. They are responsible for maintaining equipment in operating condition and compliance with established budgets.


Reporting to the equipment director, equipment engineers draft technical specifications and manages purchasing and hiring activities. In addition to overseeing specific operations, they plan and organise the maintenance of equipment for which they are responsible. They must manage their budgets and monitor their costs responsibly. To fulfil their job requirements, they stay in close contact with methods and production teams.


As part of the equipment team, mechanics carry out periodic maintenance, diagnostics, repair, and adjustments to equipment and machinery. They maintain machinery to ensure the required level of safety and record their work in detail for the purpose of traceability. Mechanics may be called on to lead or provide support to a team of co-workers.


As part of the equipment team, electricians carry out all electrical installation and connection activities in compliance with established plans and safety standards. They ensure that electrical facilities are in compliance with standards. They provide diagnostics and repair services for electrical equipment.


Automation technicians: specialists in programming automata used to monitor and control machines.

Hydraulics technicians: power hydraulics specialists who can read and understand hydraulics schematics for the purpose of troubleshooting. Boilermakers: metalworking specialists (ferrous metals and alloys) who produce metal parts from plans and measurement processes. They must be experts in the use of equipment found in machining workshops, including blow torches, welding stations, and more.


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