We provide students with opportunities to work at our head office or project sites as part of traineeships and work-study programs. An initial successful experience is truly a springboard to a permanent position on our teams!


Traineeships are available to youths at our project sites and in our functional and technical divisions at our head office.
These traineeships are the result of agreements between schools (in France or abroad), students, and VINCI Construction Grands Projets.

71 students in 2022 including 32 in FPA

We provide postings and tangible employment assignments that benefit both the host entities and students. We are looking for trainees whose self-reliance and learning abilities allow us to place them in work situations that are close or similar to the positions they would occupy in our ranks following their graduation.

In light of the activities carried out by VINCI Construction Grands Projets, we provide mainly end-of-study traineeships for a duration of about six months.
To select trainees, we assess candidates’ course work, experience, language skills (with English as a priority), and aspirations to determine how closely candidate profiles meet project and departmental needs.


Work-study programs are a solution that allows participants to acquire tangible professional experience while pursuing their studies. We provide work-study opportunities – mainly within functional divisions at head office – to a wide range of students, from those enrolled in technical proficiency certification programs to graduate and post-graduate study programs.

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