Berjaya Times Square

Berjaya Times Square, located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, was at the time of its construction in 2003 the largest residential and shopping complex in Southeast Asia. The building consists of two 46-storey towers (200 m) which occupy more than 250 metres. They house at least 800 shops, 1,200 flats, 65 restaurants, 48 lifts, 5,000 parking places, 9 cinemas as well as an amusement park with a roller coaster ride of more than 800 metres.


Following an international call for tenders, Dumez-GTM won the contract. This project reflects the Group’s development strategy internationally, particularly in Southeast Asia, with a focus on mega projects.
The financial crisis of 1997 nearly brought the project to a halt. But with the perseverance of our teams there, construction work never stopped completely.
After the rural exodus and the economic boom that Malaysia has experienced, this exceptional building responds to the leisure and housing needs of the local population.


At the time, it was one of the largest buildings in the world with a single tenant and constructed in one phase.
For the fruition of this project, a 1,600-tonne metal framework had to be installed at a height of 80 metres above ground in the middle of the building. In addition, the prefabricated permanent concrete used for the façade was heavy and difficult to manipulate.
The building owes its complexity to the diversity of the construction methods employed. This includes the installation of an indoor roller coaster as well as the high-precision techniques used for the luxury finish of the flats.

The construction enabled the Malaysian economy to position itself favourably in the Southeast Asian commercial market and contributed to the economic development and boom of the country.


Located in the heart of the golden triangle in Kuala Lumpur, in the prestigious Bukit Bintang neighbourhood (an upmarket shopping and tourism district), Berjaya Times Square redefines the concept of the shopping centre in this region.
The range of shopping it offered was unprecedented for the Malaysian capital in 2003. The building paved the way for a new shopping experience for Kuala Lumpur residents.
Berjaya Times Square has contributed to the needs of the public and even anticipated them. The building is a fitting representation of the alliance between consumption and leisure.

Project participants

Berjaya Ditan Sdn Bhd

Dp Architects – Arkitek Daya Reka

Key figures

Implementation dates
October 1995 to July 2003

1 million m³

450,000 m³

Total surface area
700,000 m²


“It’s really the largest complex that the Group has ever built.”

Olivier Caplain, Asia Zone Director, 2003

Berjaya Central Park

Kuala Lumpur