Renovating the Mandarin Oriental Hotel

VINCI Construction Grands Projets, in consortium with Petit (VINCI Construction France) was awarded a contract to renovate the five-star Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park Hotel in London. This mandate, which covers 12,000 square metres, includes renovating all the rooms, building a 9th floor on the Hyde Park side with two new, 165-square-metre suites for a total of 134 rooms, 22 suites, 12 convertible suites, common areas, architectural interior works, technical finishing works in target areas as well as the roof and exterior façades. All of this work was carried out without closing the hotel even for a single day.


The Mandarin Oriental Hotel in London is a prestigious establishment that occupies a historical late 19th-century building located in a choice, peaceful, and central spot next to the famed Hyde Park. In addition to rooms and suites facing Knightsbridge and Hyde Park, the hotel features a bar, two outstanding restaurants (among the most sought-after culinary high spots in London), a spa, and multifunctional rooms that can accommodate all sorts of events.
The hotel is owned by the Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group, one of the world’s leading luxury hotel groups, which has been in operation for more than 50 years. To date, the Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group owns and operates 29 hotels and 8 residences in 19 countries and regions.
VINCI Construction teams, working under the PLENDI brand for the first time, have been entrusted with the task of renovating all the rooms and public areas in the hotel.

Technical overview

Since the hotel occupies a prestigious 19th-century building, the Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group required the utmost care and best materials for this renovation project. Accordingly, VINCI Construction teams will receive support from the best European artisans, such as Portugal’s Bec and France’s Bourneuf for external woodwork, the Franco-Italian group Ildei Sfim for the marble, Italy’s Interna for design and layout, and French gilder Gohard. A broad range of high-quality marble will be used, including marble from Thessaloniki in Greece for the bathrooms and from Carrare for the hotel’s reception area. Mesh motifs or gold-encrusted glass will be used to enhance antique mirrors and head-boards.
To optimise this hotel-rehabilitation project, innovation was given pride of place. Accordingly, VINCI Construction Grands Projets made the use of Building Information Modelling (BIM) a central feature of the project, thereby facilitating the client’s decisions throughout the mandate. Right from the design phase, BIM accelerates project processes through the use of 3D models and collaborative work methods, leading to more effective development decisions.
In the works phase, BIM optimises all worksite operations.
Since the work is being carried out at a busy site, the digital model helps to forecast problems in the day-to-day operational management of the hotel and handle scheduling and sequencing tasks (including the comings and goings of work teams) more efficiently. As a result, the client will benefit from all the advantages of BIM in the operational phase.

In September 2016, VINCI Construction won the 2016 BIM d’Or award for this project in the international category. The award recognises the project’s innovative nature. The BIM approach was used to facilitate technical approvals and optimise the use of space.


With this project, VINCI Construction Grands Projets teams have shown once again that BIM optimises projects in all phases: design, works, and operations. BIM has been used on various projects, including Santiago Airport in Chile, the Fondation Louis Vuitton building in Paris, Doha metro system, and more.
On this renovation project calling for painstaking care, high-end finishings, and precious materials, the use of digital tools helped to guarantee attention to detail and reliable results.
Collaboration is central to this project: the BIM Management teams, based in London, oversee cross-functional coordination for the various entities involved in the BIM process, including IAD, the architectural firm based in Madrid, and PGI, the engineering firm specialising in fluids based in Barcelona, and monitors the flow and use of information.
A newly renovated Mandarin Oriental Hotel will further enhance London’s power to attract wealthy international patrons.

Project participants

Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group

Project management
WT Partnership



Key figures

Implementation dates
September 2016 to March 2018

Renovation of a 19th-century building

Total area renovated
12,000 m2 including 134 rooms and 22 suites