Finance, legal, HR and communications


Director/chief, administration and finance

The director/chief, administration and finance is responsible for monitoring all administrative and financial activities on projects. He/she oversees the development of budgets in conjunction with the project director, ensures access to all accounting, tax, and financial information in an effort to optimise project management, leads the implementation of the Group’s finance policy, which calls for reliable financial information and risk analysis, maintains and develops skill sets and implements compensation policy in accordance with Group orientations and in conjunction with the personnel’s representatives, and plays a supervisory role over various functional activities, including accounting, cash flow, payroll, personnel management, and legal services.

Financial controller

The financial controller oversees the preparation of project budgets in conjunction with the works and management teams and the implementation of tools required to monitor costs (analysis and cost centres). He/she establishes monthly budgetary controls and prepares monthly dashboards to analyse gaps between budgets and costs. He/she produces comprehensive financial reports and comments on deviations in compliance with the timetable established by project managers. His/her main objective is to enable the operating manager and project management team to have a clear financial view of the project and to discern areas for improvement.


Accountants are responsible for general accounting and analysis in compliance with the law and international accounting standards (entering and processing client and supplier invoices, receipts and payments, cash-flow follow-up, participation in closures and in producing financial statements and related documents). They prepare current and forward-looking tax returns, oversee quarterly consolidation, and take part in producing financial statements and annexes for consolidated accounts. They manage interaction with accounting and finance correspondents at our project sites around the world as well as auditors and tax authorities.


Contract manager

Generally reporting to the project director, contract managers oversee contracts with client, subcontractors, and suppliers in conjunction with project technical and sales teams and in collaboration with the legal department, as appropriate. They take part in the drafting and negotiation process for contracts with subcontractors and suppliers, and provide daily monitoring of such contracts. They are also involved in managing the main contract with the client throughout the life of the project (payment modalities, monitoring contractual amendments, drafting correspondence, attending weekly meetings with clients, and so on). They also implement and coordinate the resources and processes required to manage potential financial and legal risk.

Legal expert

Reporting to the management at the legal division or to the legal director, legal experts are involved both in the bid-submission and the project-implementation phases to manage contractual and legal issues, thereby protecting the company’s interests. In collaboration with operational divisions, they participate actively in contract negotiations with clients, partners, and subcontractors as well as in project-monitoring during the implementation phase, including claims and litigation.

Human resources

Recruitment and human resources development manager

The recruitment and HR development manager drives the recruitment process in conjunction with managers, career mobility personnel at the HR department, and external partners. He/she defines recruitment needs, finds internal career-mobility opportunities, and manages external recruitment strategies, sourcing, candidate evaluation, and compensation negotiation. He/she takes part in job fairs and forums involving target schools to promote the VINCI Construction Grands Projets brand and image and identify potential young talent for the company. He/she also participates in the employee-review process internally and in cross-functional projects such as organising orientation days and promoting the company’s image as a choice employer.

Personnel administration manager

Personnel administration manager oversee employee management from the moment of hiring to the end of the employment contract. They are the point persons for employees for all HR-related questions they may have, including their employment contract, social protection, certificates of employment, and more.

Training manager

Training managers develop, deploy, and monitor training plans. They oversee engineering education and develop relationships with accredited fund-collection and distribution agencies. They evaluate and maintain a reporting structure regarding the relevance and effectiveness of training programs and deploy new programs in accordance with the company’s policies and orientations. In their teams, the training managers oversee the organisation of internal training sessions (prior or following main training programs), monitors the traineeship budget, and interacts with external organisations. They record employee training using the HR department’s training software.

Payroll manager

Payroll managers collect and record data needed to process payroll activities (variable factors, new hires, all account balances). They check remuneration statements and take part in social monitoring. They are also responsible for processing social security charges (social security and family benefit contributions, paid leave funds, pension and provident funds).


Manager, communications

The communications division defines and deploys the company’s corporate brand and its internal and external communications strategies designed to promote our skill sets, activities, and projects to a full range of target audiences, including employees, prospects/clients, partners, the media, and investors. The communications team’s mandate at head office and at project sites is varied and includes maintaining media relations, organising events (seminars, conventions, trade shows), developing communications materials (print, digital, audiovisual), managing web and intranet sites, designing the monthly in-house newsletter, and more. The communications division works closely with other company divisions, VINCI Group entities, and external players.


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