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VINCI Construction Grands Projets provides young graduates with suitable job opportunities, enabling them to begin acquiring valuable international experience. Young graduates also have access to our international business volunteer program and job rotation program within the engineering and technical resources division in the engineering department at head office.


60 participants assigned to our teams in 2022

Our international business volunteer program allows French and other European nationals aged 18 to 28 to embark on an assignment abroad while enjoying protection status provided by French embassies in host countries. The program is managed by Business France. This organisation supports the VINCI Construction Grands Projets program by providing assistance to youths taking part in it.

Under this program, international assignments range in duration from 6 to 24 months.
As part of its international business volunteer program, VINCI Construction Grands Projets welcomes young graduates to work on project sites abroad for periods lasting on average from 12 to 18 months. We seek youths who want to work in international settings and, preferably, who have completed significant training in our areas of operation.

If this experience proves successful, it can lead directly to a permanent position on our teams.


This outstanding opportunity targets young engineers on their first permanent contract for a technical position at head office. This opportunity is provided by the engineering and technical resources division, which is involved in the design and technical support phases of construction projects.

For a period ranging from about 18 months to 2 years, program participants work on different key positions (structures, pricing and methods) before joining a project site in a technical support or construction role.

Testimony of Caroline, design engineer:

“After six months as an apprentice and a year and a half as an engineering coordinator, I embarked on the Engineering and Technical Resources Division (DIMT) job rotation program. This internal training program takes you through the three main technical components of civil engineering and public works: structural design, methods, and cost estimates. You rotate from one department to another about every six months. It’s a tremendously formative program that usually meets trainees’ expectations and gives you time to delve into the subject matter in depth.
I’m currently working in structural design, where I check the dimensioning and plans issued by an American engineering firm for the Atlantic Bridge project in Panama, in particular for the central span of the cable-stayed bridge.
My immediate future is well laid out. I’ll finish the DIMT program: after structural design, it will be methods and cost estimates. My objective is then to make use of this multidisciplinary know-how in horizontal functions, such as project management.”

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