Our social engagement

We share a common ambition, namely excellence for global performance.

We operate in a way that listens to, respects and strives for the satisfaction of all our stakeholders.
We are aware of the societal and environmental responsibilities we bear in the territories where we operate. With strict respect for ethics and human rights, and with a concern for the common good, we are resolutely committed to working for the eco-responsible development of these territories.

We are committed to fostering the diversity and multiculturalism of our teams in an inclusive environment of major international projects and we are committed to the growth and development of the skills of all our staff, whether local, expatriate or metropolitan.


We believe in the virtues of equal opportunity and consider diversity as an asset. Our ambition is to offer sustainable and varied career paths to our 6,300 employees, in a spirit of mutual trust, balance and fairness, to women and men from the most diverse backgrounds.

A responsible company, we are committed to the inclusion of people with disabilities by promoting their employment and inclusion in the company: consideration of disability to improve the quality of life at work (ergonomics, occupational medicine), retraining assistance for employees who need it through Trajeo’h, the VINCI Group’s association dedicated to disability, CESU vouchers, and the use of adapted subcontracting companies to carry out archiving, filing or administrative work.

We offer professional perspectives regardless of age, with, among other things, second career interviews for employees over 50 years old, a chosen part-time schedule for employees over 60 years old working in France, an additional return ticket per year to allow for additional rotations for employees over 60 years old working abroad, the transmission of knowledge and the sharing of experience through senior employees or the possibility of becoming an occasional trainer or mentor for young employees.

VINCI Construction Grands Projets hires, integrates, trains, informs, values and recognises its employees. The company considers that itself and its management are responsible for implementing, with consistency and goodwill, the conditions allowing each of them to express their talents and flourish in their activities. It is within this context that VINCI Construction Grands Projets has been running an ambitious training programme for many years, in all aspects of the company’s activities and management.


Among these initiatives, the training Managing in a multicultural context in place since 2014, makes our managers aware of the specificities and challenges of inter-cultural and intergenerational management.

VINCI Mobility, a subsidiary of VINCI Construction, enables the sustainable integration of employees of different origins and nationalities into our workforce. This entity, founded in 2013 and dedicated to the recruitment, management and mobility of our international managers, offers a balanced status in terms of social protection and salary policy, in line with the Group’s commitment to diversity and equal opportunities.

In terms of gender diversity, VINCI Construction Grands Projets has chosen an original approach, entrusting a group of the company’s employees, the Grands projets au féminin Steering Committee, with the task of formulating proposals for initiatives and then implementing them within an action plan under their responsibility, in order to increase the number of women in our workforce, develop gender diversity in employment, particularly on our projects and in operational functions, and encourage the promotion of women within our company.

Sponsorship and the VINCI Foundation:

We support the commitment of our employees and Group companies in philanthropic actions in favour of the local communities and territories where we operate:
VINCI’s Fonds Chantiers et Territoires Solidaires supports community projects in the vicinity of the Grand Paris Express projects in which the Group, in particular VINCI Construction Grands Projets, is involved.
In 2021, 23 projects of general interest were supported.

Find out more about the fund’s initiatives: Chantiers & Territoires Solidaires (chantiers-et-territoires-solidaires.fr)

The VINCI Foundation was created in May 2002 as a result of the VINCI Group’s desire to be a sustainable partner in the life of the city and the human communities for which it builds and manages numerous structures and facilities.Fondation VINCI
It thus supports associations that innovate in the fields of employment guidance, solidarity mobility, integration through housing and social connection in vulnerable areas, in France and in the countries where the Group is present. The Foundation also acts as a link between the skills of VINCI employees and the needs of social stakeholders.
In 2021, the VINCI Foundation supported 344 projects with €4 million in aid allocated and 1,166 employees involved.
Find out more about the Foundation’s actions: www.fondation-vinci.com


VINCI Construction Grands Projets has been carrying out major infrastructure projects in Qatar since 2007 (mobility, urban development, wastewater treatment). In partnership with our stakeholders, we are committed to respecting human rights in all our activities in the country.

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